What Can You Be Compensated For After a Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle accident can be very tragic. Some people walk away lucky and alive and others don’t. If you need to claim for compensation after a motorcycle accident, you should know what you can claim for. Your lawyer will be able to give you good advice and help you with the details. We would like to share the main categories of compensation that you can claim for.

Loss of life – In the unfortunate event that you lose a loved one due to a motorcycle accident, you can claim for loss of life. There are obviously certain terms, but if the accident was caused by negligence or irresponsible driving, you can claim compensation for loss of life.

Loss of income – If you had to stay away from work or lost your job because of a motorcycle accident, you can claim compensation for loss of income. Generally, there are medical expenses and possibly transport expenses, etc. that can pile quite high after an accident. You claim for compensation of this loss.

Serious injury – If you have a serious injury or disability after a motorcycle accident, you can claim for that loss as well. If the accident was someone else’s fault and you were seriously injured, it is your right to claim for compensation for those injuries.

Other costs – If the accident has incapacitated you and you need to pay extra costs to get around in taxis or hire a stay-in nurse, etc. you can also claim compensation for those costs. This is an inconvenience and also links with loss of income as you may not be able to work for some time.

Not all motorcycle accidents are the same and if you’re lucky you can walk away without too much damage. However, if the accident is serious, you should hire a lawyer to handle your claim for compensation in some or all of these areas.

3 Steps to Find the Best Lawyer for Your Motorcycle Accident Case

When you need to claim for personal injury due to a motorcycle accident, you want to have the best lawyers on your side. Whether you are claiming for yourself or a loved one who was seriously injured or killed in the accident, you need the best. Grand Rapids Motorcycle Accident Attorneys are the best in Michigan, but if you are somewhere far away, these tips will still be useful.

1. Do Research Online and Ask for References

To start your search for legal representation, do some research. The best way to find the best lawyers is to search for them online. If you type the city or state and ‘personal injury lawyer’ as search fields, you will get a whole list of names.   Do research on all of the ones that seem like what you need probably 5-10 different law firms.  Matthew R. Clark of The Clark Law Office told us that “many clients will do lengthy research especially when the lawsuit will have a large impact on their future financial security.” Check their reputations, find reviews, go to their websites and look for authoritative content on both motorcycle crashes and auto accidents resulting in serious injury, or call them and ask questions. Asking friends and family for references is also a good idea. If they recommend someone they trust, you should also be able to. You don’t want to just go with the first you find.

2. Meet With the Lawyer

You need to see if you like the lawyer and whether they are right for you. Not everyone gets along and not everyone makes you feel at ease. You need to feel comfortable with your lawyer and also feel like you can trust them. If you don’t, you should keep looking. You will be in contact with this person a lot until the case is over and you need to be sure that they are right for you.

3. Ask Questions

It is important t ask a lot of questions when you meet the lawyers. This will help you see whether they listen to what you are asking and whether they care about your case. Unfortunately, there are lawyers who are just in it for the money. Try and avoid these. Find a lawyer that truly cares about your case and will fight for you and not with you.  They should be more than willing to help you out through your tough time and lay out what needs to be done after your motorcycle accident.

Your financial situation may also play a role in the choice of lawyer. Regardless of who you can afford, these three steps should always be followed.

Personal Injury: What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Things can get a bit crazy after a motorcycle accident and whether you are seeking advice for yourself or a family member, it is good to know what to do. The best practice is obviously to try and prevent accidents from happening, but unfortunately, they do happen. If you are a motorcycle owner or have a family member who has one, you need to read today’s article. It is better to be prepared than not.

When an accident happens, you need to do the following if you plan to claim afterwards. We understand that this process may be far from your mind at the time, but you should try and follow us much of this as possible. If you are ever on the scene of a motorcycle accident, you should also follow these steps to help the victim.

Take in your surroundings – If you are conscious and have minor injuries or if you are on the scene of an accident, you need to pay attention to what is around you. Any detail can help. If it was a hit and run or another driver’s fault, it is important to notice every detail of the scene.

Get the contact information – It is vital that you get the information of any other people involved in the accident or witness to it. Personal injury cases can get complicated and you want to have as much information as possible. Sometimes the person who was in the accident didn’t see it coming and that is where witnesses are very helpful.

Document your injuries – When you visit the doctor, get written records explaining the extent of your injuries. Also, take photographs of your injuries before they start to heal. This will all help your case when you need to go court.

Hire a personal injury lawyerFind the best lawyer you can. Make sure that he or she specializes in personal injury due to motorcycle accidents. Grand Rapids Motorcycle Accident Attorneys are ideal if you live in Michigan.

Be prepared and follow these steps if you ever find yourself in a motorcycle accident or on the scene of one.…