North Carolina’s Attempt To Repeal Helmet Law Fails


All across the nation, motorcycle helmet laws are highly debated and contested.  There will always be riders who prefer to not wear a helmet and there will always be people fighting for biking safety.  In my opinion, helmets should be required everywhere but I totally understand the other point of view.  There was recently an attempt in North Carolina to repeal the current motorcycle helmet law in place, but it is being reported that it has failed.   “As far as we’re concerned, it boils down to a matter of freedom of choice,” Boone said. “We try to present an honest picture of it, and that’s what we’re going to do, period. We’ll be back here every year until we get this.”

Motorcycle Safety and Maintainence


Motorcycles are thrilling centers of the two wheeled world with an ever increasing growth market. From offering us safe transportation to the thrills of the race tracks, there is no limit of the extent to which these machines are become part of our lives. It is therefore quite important to ensure that we always stay safe and take all the needed precautions. This should be done both on track and off track and covers everything, from the simple maintenance to riding and safe parking of bikes.

When that moment comes for you to ride your bike remember that you are in control of it and ride it well. Accelerate smoothly and steadily observing all traffic rules and leave stunts for the stunt masters, unless you are one. Safe parking of the bikes is something most of us always overlook. After finding that safe space for parking the bike, ensure that it is is left in a position such that the gear tire is against the curb. To avoid the frustration of finding your motorbike toppled, it is important for you to know how to park a motorcycle on a hill. In such a case, the bike should be placed with the front tire being closely near the curb. While doing this, the bike should be left while on gear and positioned at an angle of about 45 degrees from the curb to ensure stability. Patience is important in doing this as getting the best position of stability may be tasking.

According to the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle accidents are 35 times more fatal compared to other accidents. As a general rule, before riding a bike ensure that you have protective gear and helmet on since most reports of crashes indicate a high risk of injuries to the head.  Any attorney who deals with vehicle accidents can tell you that wearing helmet is the most important thing you can do to save yourself when riding.  Apart from providing protection, helmets also help create a streamline effect ensuring more efficiency while limiting vision interference.

Always ensure that the motorcycle is well serviced and is used doing this, as a rule of thumb, do stick to the manufacturers manual. Take time to study it and understand your bike for the manual was written and dedicated to you. Factory engineers do specify on the recommended service stations from which to buy spare parts from and there are important to stick to. Manuals also contain information on the parts that need replacement after some time such as the break pads. In general, bikes should be given frequent regular maintenance checks on things like lubrication and battery water levels. There are small checks that an experienced biker can do on their own but that which is you are not conversant should be left for the specialists. Some motorcycle manufactures offer free service clinics that may help greatly in cutting down on service costs. Make sure that you check on the manufacturers official websites for such notifications and other useful updates. Taking good care of your bike helps give you a smooth riding experience and increases the motorcycle’s durability.

eSuperBike Electric Motorcycle


The eSuperBike embodies the ROEHR legend of power and performance. Simply put, the eSuperBike raises the bar for electric motorcycle performance to a whole new level. Powered by dual AC induction motors, producing 96hp, combined with our high power 9.2Kwh battery pack, will thrill you with arm wrenching acceleration, 130mph+ top speeds and class leading range.

Your dream of owning a fast, high performance electric sportbike has now become a reality.  The insurance might cost a little more, but you’ll be glad you bought one!

Twin AC Induction Motor
72Kw (96 Hp)
Single speed direct drive
Ratio 12:54

Large format cylindrical LiFePO4
Capacity: 9.2 Kwh
96 Volts/80Ah
480 amps (continuous)
1100 amps (max)

Battery Management System:
LVC, HVC, Shunt balancing
On-board 15 amp charger

Steel twin spar beam frame with integral motor and battery mounting substructure
Rake: 24 deg
Trail: 89 mm
Wheelbase 56in.

Front: 41 mm inverted front forks
Rear: Ohlins single shock with linkage

Front 3.0 x 17 – 6 spoke aluminum
Rear: 4.5 x 17 – 6 spoke aluminum

2 x 300mm discs
2 x 4 piston Brembo front calipers

120/70/17 Front
160/60/17 Rear

Overall weight:
500 Lbs.

MSRP: $29,995

Some Useful Riding Tips

motorcycle tips

Motorcycling can be a great deal of fun but it’s important to approach learning how to ride with the respect and caution it deserves. Taking up the right attitude not only will ensure that you’re entering this high risk activity with thoughtfulness and self-preservation, but it will make the whole process even more enjoyable. This article will provide you with some useful tips on riding a motorcycle like a pro!

The Right Mindset – Can you concentrate fully on your riding? or are your thoughts elsewhere?
If my mind is working overtime on a problem or some other distracting thought, i know it will interfere with my concentration when i’m riding.
When that happens, i usually postpone my ride for when i’m in better mood or otherwise less distracted.

Mapping out The Route Before Hand – Sure, one of the great attractions of motorcycle riding is the freedom of “going where the road takes you.”
However, if i’m headed for a specific destination, i try to get my directions sorted out before i’m on the road.
I don’t want to create a dangerous situation for myself or vehicles near me by driving indecisively or unpredictably while I figure out which way to turn or if i’m headed in the right direction.

Keeping a Track of The Weather Forecast – Getting caught in the rain, riding into unanticipated cold temperatures or facing otherwise undesirable weather when you don’t have the proper equipment can sap your strength and make you miserable.   Just for peace of mind alone — even if you avoid riding in certain types of weather — you’re better off by carry a rain suit, warm gloves, a “wind blocking” pullover or other types of protective clothing in case of weather-related emergencies.

Being Ready For emergencies – Some motorcycle riders prepare big time for motorcycle equipment problems by packing enough tools to do a minor engine overhaul.
However, others may carry only a cell phone, the aMa (american Motorcycle association) roadside assistance phone number and a charge card. I think most riders fit somewhere between those two extremes.   My motorcycle riding tip, when it comes to handling emergency problems with your motorcycle, i believe it’s good for your peace of mind to carry a few well-chosen tools — especially a tire repair kit — to handle minor repairs and it’s good to have some sort of emergency assistance available if you’re stranded — such as a brother-in-law with a pickup truck or your aMa card.

Maintaining Your Motorcycle – When I ride, nothing is quite as distracting as the nagging thought that a “small” or occasional annoyance — such as a cold engine-starting problem — will get much worse while i’m traveling. I try to avoid such distractions by getting minor problems fixed before they blossom into a trip-stopping breakdown.

Polishing Your Riding Skills – You can concentrate best on your driving when you have confidence in your ability to operate your motorcycle safely and skillfully– especially when conditions are challenging.  Being a skillful driver and having confidence in your abilities is particularly important when you’re driving at night, in the rain or when the road is steep, narrow and twisty.

Educated Yourself About Motorcycle Laws – There are many laws that apply exclusively to motorcycles and it’s important that you aware of them.  For example, on a cross country trip there will be multiple states that require the use of a helmet along with states that don’t require the use of a helmet.  It’s best to talk to your personal injury lawyer or at least do some research online about the applicable local laws.
Driving in heavy, unpredictable traffic also requires skill and sharp awareness.  You can build such skills and confidence through your own practice and experiences. You can also attend one or more motorcycle driving schools dedicated to teaching various aspects of operating a motorcycle.

1250sc SuperBike


The Roehr 1250sc is the fastest and most powerful American made production sport bike. The specially developed supercharged version of the HD* Revolution* engine provides 180hp.  This power, combined with an innovative Bi-metal composite beam frame, top quality cycle parts and sleek european styling, results in a motorcycle that redefines the American performance bike.  Handcrafted, exclusive, fast and beautiful, a true American thoroughbred


The eRoehr Series feature a unique Bi-Metal beam frame. The frame is constructed of 4130 Chrome-Moly steel and 6061 T6 Aluminum. This method allows each material to be used in areas of the frame that their material characteristics are best suited.  A motorcycle frame needs to be strong, stiff and light weight, but also needs to flex just enough under certain conditions. This controlled flex provides essential information, providing the rider with added confidence near the limits of tire grip. Additionally, this flex also adds a level of dampening which is especially beneficial when the motorcycle is leaned over on the edges of the tires. Under these conditions the motorcycle’s suspension effectiveness is dramatically reduced due to road forces no longer acting on the suspension at parallel angles.

The Roehr Bi-metal frame provides a level of dampening that allows the tire to better follow road irregularities under these conditions.  Through the use of computer assisted finite element analysis, the Bi-metal frame was designed using large section, thin wall, 4130 steel, main chassis beams to provide a stiff yet soft structure that is bonded and bolted to extremely strong, stiff yet light weight billet aluminum swing arm pivot plates.  By combining these materials into one structure, the Roehr Bi-Metal frame provides the ultimate combination of strength, stiffness, controlled flex and light weight. This unique frame technology is a major contributor to the stellar handling characteristics of the eRoehr series.


Liquid cooled, DOHC 60 Deg V-Twin

Displacement 1250cc

Bore x Stroke 105mm x 72 mm

Compression Ratio 11.3 : 1

HP 180hp @ 9100 RPM

Torque 115Lb/Ft @7600 RPM


5 – speed

Clutch  Wet multi-plate slipper

Final Drive 520 O-Ring Chain

Chassis Type:

Steel and aluminum composite beam frame

Wheelbase  53 Inches (1422mm)

Rake/Trail  22.5/96mm

Seat Height  31.5 inches


Front Ohlins 43mm R&T inverted, fully adjustable

Rear Ohlins single shock fully adjustable


Front  2x 320mm Brembo Disc Radial 4 piston calipers

Rear Single disc Brembo 2 piston calipe


Front MT3.5×17 120/70/ZR17

Rear MT6.0x17 190/55/ZR17

Dry Weight:

432 Lbs (196Kg)



eSuperSport Electric Motorcycle


The eSuperSport is the first production electric motorcycle offering the performance that motorcyclists have come to expect and demand. It is the value leader among performance electric motorcycles.  There are many electric performance bikes out there, but they all come with a big price tag.  The goal of this model is to offer that quality performance without the hefty price tag.  A top speed of 100+mph, thrilling acceleration, and a level of chassis componentry unmatched by current electric motorcycle offerings, leaves no other choice for those looking for an electric motorcycle that does more than just keep up with traffic.  For an affordable electric bike, this motor really delivers unparalleled acceleration and low noise emission.   Whether it’s daily commuting or spirited back road riding, the eSuperSport delivers true motorcycle performance along with the unique and thrilling experience of electric drive. The electric motorcycle you’ve been waiting for has arrived.

The drivetrain comes equipped with a Single AC induction motor with 67 Horsepower (50kW).  The eSuperSport uses the single speed direct drive with a 12:60 ratio.  The batteries are a large format cylindrical LifePO4 with 7.7 Kwh and 96Volts/80Ah.  It delivers a continuous 400 amps while having a max peak-peak of 800 amps.  There is also a battery management system to keep your cycle charged and in good working condition.  We have installed a LVC, HVC Shunt balancing system that includes an onboard 15 amp charger to keep it topped off during light use.  Here are some other specifications for the eSuperSport…..


Steel twin spar beam frame with integral motor and battery mounting substructure
Rake: 24 deg
Trail: 89 mm
Wheelbase 56in.


Front: 41 mm inverted front forks
Rear: Single shock with linkage


Front: 3.0 x 17 – 6 spoke aluminum
Rear: 4.0 x 17 – 6 spoke aluminum


2 x 300mm discs
2 x 4 piston front calipers


120/60/ZR17 Front
160/60ZR17 Rear

Overall weight:

470 Lbs.

MSRP: $22,995

Tips For Choosing Your First Motorcycle

First Motorcycle

It often happens that when someone who wants to buy a motorcycle ask their friends, colleagues, family members about good choices for their first motorcycle. Many things should be considered while buying a motorcycle. Do not get carried away with the looks, it will not suit your needs, expectations and lifestyle. The following are some tips for you to help you choose your first motorcycle.

1. How do you use your motorcycle?
Choose a motorcycle based on the fact how you are going to use it. You must choose a motorcycle based on your necessity if you plan on going on road trips, you need a tourist bike, which offer comfort and stability. If you are planning to use motorcycle for your daily duties, rides in the town, then you will need a standard size motorcycle. For shorter commutes, you will can go for small scooters.

2. Test your skills
Before you choose a motorcycle you need to evaluate your riding skills. You need to decide on the power of the engine you need. Motorcycles with engines of 600cc capacity are too powerful. If you are experienced riders then you can go for motorcycles that provide high speeds and tight maneuverability. Sharpen your confidence and bike riding classes by taking motorcycle lessons from a training institute that provides driving lessons.

3. Plan your budget
Prior to buying a new motorcycle you need to plan your budget. A new motorbike can cost you between $4000-$25,000. You can negotiate on the price. When you plan a budget for buying a new motorcycle, you have to include the cost of insurance and accessories like a helmet, jacket, glasses etc.

4. Choosing between new and second hand cars
Like cars, motorcycles too lose value, as they become old, so used motorcycles will cost you less than brand new ones. If you are buying for first time or you are on a budget then it is better to buy a used motorcycle in good condition. Whereas the new motorcycles has better features and guarantee

5. Try potential motorcycles
Before you choose one motorcycle, go to a showroom, climb on the several bikes and experience them. They come in different shapes and sizes, buy one which matches your size and fulfills your needs. When you check the motorcycles in the showroom, check to see if both your feet are touching the ground when you sit upright on the bike. Check your posture when riding the motorcycle, whether you are sitting too close or too reclined in an awkward manner, whether you are sitting high or low. It is important that you are comfortable while you are driving, so that you can handle the motorcycle well.

6. Go for a test drive
Once you have chosen a bike of your choice, it is time to check how it feels when you ride the motorcycle . Go for a test drive. The controls like brakes, accelerator and turnings should all be natural, if you have issues with these controls, then check another bike as this is not the right one for you.

7. Get a motorcycle insurance
Motorcycles are important investments. So, make sure that you get your bike a good motorbike insurance to protect it from damages.

Looking To Get Motorcycle Insurance?


Are you looking to get motorcycle insurance? If the answer is yes and it happens to be your first time to apply for such a thing, it can get very confusing.  As you can imagine, serious brain injuries and other life threatening injuries are much more likely when riding in a motorcycle.  After all, unlike several decades ago when motorcycle insurance was very limited, you have more insurance options these days. It is a given that you will want to save as much money as possible and yet you will still want the best insurance. Below, you will find a list of factors that will have a direct effect on the rates you will be given by the insurance companies.

The Value of Your Bike

Do you know that the value of the motorcycle you choose to get has an effect on the insurance quote you will be given? As a matter of fact, the value if your bike is one of the main factors insurance companies consider when they come up with your insurance quote. Should you choose to get one of the newest models complete with performance upgrades, the quotes you get will be more expensive. However, should you choose an older bike, most insurance companies ought to charge you lower insurance premiums.

Your Driving Record

If you have very recently made the transition to riding bikes yet you have been driving a car for years, this will have very little bearing on the motorcycle insurance rates you are given. It does not matter if you have been driving cars for the past 20 years because of your motorcycle license is brand new, you are an inexperienced driver in the eyes of the insurance companies. Given time however, the rates they offer you ought to drop dramatically.

The Lifestyle You Lead

Insurance companies are very thorough and will look into the kind of lifestyle you lead help them determine the rates to offer you. They will even look closely at where you live and where you work. If it happens that either of those two areas happens to be high risk with high instances if crime, you can bet your motorcycle insurance will cost more money. Why, even the kind of work you do will have an effect on the rates they give you. If you happen to work in construction and your bike is parked out in the open on a daily basis, you will pay more for your insurance but an office worker that parks his bike in a secured area will be offered lower rates.

Getting Discounts

While different factors will raise or lower the insurance rates you get, you can also find ways to get additional discounts on your motorcycle insurance rates.

– If you have more than one motorcycle to insure, get your insurance from the same company so you receive discounted rates.
-Some companies have discounts for certain motorcycle riding associations so if you are looking to join one, ask around about insurance companies they have ties with.
-If you are an experienced rider and are older, you receive major discounts on your motorcycle insurance.
-By transferring your insurance policy to a new company, you get to enjoy discounted rates.

A History of Electric Motorcycles


The motorbike was introduced within the latter 1 / 2 of the nineteenth century. Since then it’s been the most typical and popular way of transport. An electrical motorcycle is really a two-wheeled automobile powered through battery and it is the most recent innovation within the motorcycle business.

Basically, electric motorcycles could be classified in to two; power-on-demand motorbikes and power-assist motorbikes. Earlier, electric motorbikes were used just for races. Using the introduction associated with electric motorbikes for common use, they have grown to be probably the most popular as well as trendy way of transport one of the local public. Unlike the standard motorcycles, the actual electric motorbikes are driven by electric batteries. Thus, electric motorcycles would be the best answer for polluting of the environment and making our planet a better spot to live within.

On a typical, the lifespan from the battery is actually approximately three hundred charges or even 15000 kilometres, and it might last for you to two many years. The blade from the electric motorbikes delivers hp which is the same as a two hundred and fifty four-stroke engine. Apart from high end, the blade doesn’t produce any kind of noise or even pollution. The control from the blade could be programmed to match the trip. When in contrast to other motorbikes, the electrical motorcycles tend to be lightweight.

To satisfy the different demands, the electrical motorcycle is available in an array of colors, versions and manufacturers. EMB Inc., Kawasaki, Yamaha, Ford, and Suzuki are a few of the leading businesses dealing within electric motorbikes. Most well-liked models within electric motorbikes are TDM07Z, SW-0004, as well as SW-0004.  With respect to the availability, all of the different models associated with electric motorcycles can be bought from numerous sources, the favourite being the internet stores. Internet is full of numerous websites which provide an array of options within electric motorbikes. Another main source from where one can purchase electrical motorcycles is actually authorized sellers.
Electric motorcycles can be found in different prices to satisfy the varying requirements. When in contrast to petrol or even gas motorbikes, the electrical motorcycles are very expensive. A fresh electric motorbike with 48-Volt SLA Battery power will price around $6, 800 along with a longer variety electric motorcycle will definitely cost more. Regardless of the higher cost, it’s considered since the most practical option for any pollution free of charge and pleased ride.

A great power-to-weight percentage and natural acceleration help to make the Absolutely no X Electrical Motorcycle stick out in the actual dirt. The actual Z-Force generate train as well as specially-engineered, aircraft-grade light weight aluminum frame combine to create a motorcycle that’s fast, gentle, and thoroughly clean. Frame welded manually by highly-skilled light weight aluminum welders, the Absolutely no X functions double move welds within critical areas along with other techniques to make sure against problems.

The Electric Motorbike uses secure second-generation lithium ion cells to make sure against energy runaway (fire). The battery power also feature a smart monitoring program that continuously tracks the actual voltage as well as temperature of each cell. Furthermore, the battery power deliver three hundred amps associated with current without having overheating, offering a powerful power-to-weight percentage. Zero’s long term magnet electrical motor provides over 20 hp and requires hardly any maintenance.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws – What You Need to Know


For this post, I had a colleague of mine from The Clark Law Office look it over and add some suggestions.  We decided to give a brief history about helmet laws to start off with…..  Motorcycle helmet laws are characterized as being in a constant state of flux.   Since motorcycle injuries are so severe, this issue is highly contested and debated. The first laws were implemented in 1967 by the federal government which placed mandates on states to institute helmet use laws. There is ongoing discussion about whether or not helmet laws are necessary or effective. Proponents of the laws feel that helmets save lives whereas opponents of the laws feel that they can lead to an increase in injury and a decrease in visibility. At the current time there are only 19 states that have universal helmet laws that cover all riders with no age restrictions.

The history of helmet laws dates back to the 1960’s and there have been changes and repeals of the laws over the years. Congress has placed sanctions on states with no helmet laws, only to overturn those restrictions. Most recently, the laws in place in the early 1990’s were lifted by Congress in 1995. At that time, sanctions and incentives were ceased and states were given the freedom to repeal motorcycle helmet laws. Many states took advantage of that freedom, but kept helmet mandates in place for younger riders. The only states without any helmet laws are New Hampshire, Illinois and Iowa. Maps are available online that specify which regulations are in effect in which states so that interstate motorcyclists can have the most up to date information for their travels.

This can all be very confusing and the debate on the issue is as heated as ever. There is a lot of information that suggests that universal helmet laws not only increase helmet use, but that motorcycle related deaths and serious injuries are much lower in states with mandated helmet regulations. Proponents of the restrictions also claim that helmet use translates into billions in economic savings in states with universal laws. A large portion of this savings is purportedly related to health care costs for head injuries related to motorcycle accidents.

Of course there is another side to the debate. Many people feel that universal regulations are unconstitutional and that they restrict the freedom of the rider. Another argument relates to the fact that at high rates of speed, a helmet is not likely to save someone’s life. Those against the restrictions argue that the only person harmed by not wearing a helmet is the rider himself. They do not feel that it is a public health issue that the government needs to concern themselves with.

Motorcycle helmet laws are likely to continue to be under debate, and on both sides of the argument, there are boisterous advocates. However, we live in a country where many personal freedoms are regulated and these regulations are likely to change again. When compared with mandatory seat belt laws which exist in every state but New Hampshire, helmet mandates seem to be lenient and in favor of freedom of choice. It is unclear where this argument will eventually lead, but to be sure, it will continue. In the meantime, motorcyclists are well advised to know that the laws change from state to state and to be aware of what they are.