eSuperSport Electric Motorcycle


The eSuperSport is the first production electric motorcycle offering the performance that motorcyclists have come to expect and demand. It is the value leader among performance electric motorcycles.  There are many electric performance bikes out there, but they all come with a big price tag.  The goal of this model is to offer that quality performance without the hefty price tag.  A top speed of 100+mph, thrilling acceleration, and a level of chassis componentry unmatched by current electric motorcycle offerings, leaves no other choice for those looking for an electric motorcycle that does more than just keep up with traffic.  For an affordable electric bike, this motor really delivers unparalleled acceleration and low noise emission.   Whether it’s daily commuting or spirited back road riding, the eSuperSport delivers true motorcycle performance along with the unique and thrilling experience of electric drive. The electric motorcycle you’ve been waiting for has arrived.

The drivetrain comes equipped with a Single AC induction motor with 67 Horsepower (50kW).  The eSuperSport uses the single speed direct drive with a 12:60 ratio.  The batteries are a large format cylindrical LifePO4 with 7.7 Kwh and 96Volts/80Ah.  It delivers a continuous 400 amps while having a max peak-peak of 800 amps.  There is also a battery management system to keep your cycle charged and in good working condition.  We have installed a LVC, HVC Shunt balancing system that includes an onboard 15 amp charger to keep it topped off during light use.  Here are some other specifications for the eSuperSport…..


Steel twin spar beam frame with integral motor and battery mounting substructure
Rake: 24 deg
Trail: 89 mm
Wheelbase 56in.


Front: 41 mm inverted front forks
Rear: Single shock with linkage


Front: 3.0 x 17 – 6 spoke aluminum
Rear: 4.0 x 17 – 6 spoke aluminum


2 x 300mm discs
2 x 4 piston front calipers


120/60/ZR17 Front
160/60ZR17 Rear

Overall weight:

470 Lbs.

MSRP: $22,995