Looking To Get Motorcycle Insurance?


Are you looking to get motorcycle insurance? If the answer is yes and it happens to be your first time to apply for such a thing, it can get very confusing.  As you can imagine, serious brain injuries and other life threatening injuries are much more likely when riding in a motorcycle.  After all, unlike several decades ago when motorcycle insurance was very limited, you have more insurance options these days. It is a given that you will want to save as much money as possible and yet you will still want the best insurance. Below, you will find a list of factors that will have a direct effect on the rates you will be given by the insurance companies.

The Value of Your Bike

Do you know that the value of the motorcycle you choose to get has an effect on the insurance quote you will be given? As a matter of fact, the value if your bike is one of the main factors insurance companies consider when they come up with your insurance quote. Should you choose to get one of the newest models complete with performance upgrades, the quotes you get will be more expensive. However, should you choose an older bike, most insurance companies ought to charge you lower insurance premiums.

Your Driving Record

If you have very recently made the transition to riding bikes yet you have been driving a car for years, this will have very little bearing on the motorcycle insurance rates you are given. It does not matter if you have been driving cars for the past 20 years because of your motorcycle license is brand new, you are an inexperienced driver in the eyes of the insurance companies. Given time however, the rates they offer you ought to drop dramatically.

The Lifestyle You Lead

Insurance companies are very thorough and will look into the kind of lifestyle you lead help them determine the rates to offer you. They will even look closely at where you live and where you work. If it happens that either of those two areas happens to be high risk with high instances if crime, you can bet your motorcycle insurance will cost more money. Why, even the kind of work you do will have an effect on the rates they give you. If you happen to work in construction and your bike is parked out in the open on a daily basis, you will pay more for your insurance but an office worker that parks his bike in a secured area will be offered lower rates.

Getting Discounts

While different factors will raise or lower the insurance rates you get, you can also find ways to get additional discounts on your motorcycle insurance rates.

– If you have more than one motorcycle to insure, get your insurance from the same company so you receive discounted rates.
-Some companies have discounts for certain motorcycle riding associations so if you are looking to join one, ask around about insurance companies they have ties with.
-If you are an experienced rider and are older, you receive major discounts on your motorcycle insurance.
-By transferring your insurance policy to a new company, you get to enjoy discounted rates.