Motorcycle Safety and Maintainence


Motorcycles are thrilling centers of the two wheeled world with an ever increasing growth market. From offering us safe transportation to the thrills of the race tracks, there is no limit of the extent to which these machines are become part of our lives. It is therefore quite important to ensure that we always stay safe and take all the needed precautions. This should be done both on track and off track and covers everything, from the simple maintenance to riding and safe parking of bikes.

When that moment comes for you to ride your bike remember that you are in control of it and ride it well. Accelerate smoothly and steadily observing all traffic rules and leave stunts for the stunt masters, unless you are one. Safe parking of the bikes is something most of us always overlook. After finding that safe space for parking the bike, ensure that it is is left in a position such that the gear tire is against the curb. To avoid the frustration of finding your motorbike toppled, it is important for you to know how to park a motorcycle on a hill. In such a case, the bike should be placed with the front tire being closely near the curb. While doing this, the bike should be left while on gear and positioned at an angle of about 45 degrees from the curb to ensure stability. Patience is important in doing this as getting the best position of stability may be tasking.

According to the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle accidents are 35 times more fatal compared to other accidents. As a general rule, before riding a bike ensure that you have protective gear and helmet on since most reports of crashes indicate a high risk of injuries to the head.  Any attorney who deals with vehicle accidents can tell you that wearing helmet is the most important thing you can do to save yourself when riding.  Apart from providing protection, helmets also help create a streamline effect ensuring more efficiency while limiting vision interference.

Always ensure that the motorcycle is well serviced and is used doing this, as a rule of thumb, do stick to the manufacturers manual. Take time to study it and understand your bike for the manual was written and dedicated to you. Factory engineers do specify on the recommended service stations from which to buy spare parts from and there are important to stick to. Manuals also contain information on the parts that need replacement after some time such as the break pads. In general, bikes should be given frequent regular maintenance checks on things like lubrication and battery water levels. There are small checks that an experienced biker can do on their own but that which is you are not conversant should be left for the specialists. Some motorcycle manufactures offer free service clinics that may help greatly in cutting down on service costs. Make sure that you check on the manufacturers official websites for such notifications and other useful updates. Taking good care of your bike helps give you a smooth riding experience and increases the motorcycle’s durability.