Tips For Choosing Your First Motorcycle

First Motorcycle

It often happens that when someone who wants to buy a motorcycle ask their friends, colleagues, family members about good choices for their first motorcycle. Many things should be considered while buying a motorcycle. Do not get carried away with the looks, it will not suit your needs, expectations and lifestyle. The following are some tips for you to help you choose your first motorcycle.

1. How do you use your motorcycle?
Choose a motorcycle based on the fact how you are going to use it. You must choose a motorcycle based on your necessity if you plan on going on road trips, you need a tourist bike, which offer comfort and stability. If you are planning to use motorcycle for your daily duties, rides in the town, then you will need a standard size motorcycle. For shorter commutes, you will can go for small scooters.

2. Test your skills
Before you choose a motorcycle you need to evaluate your riding skills. You need to decide on the power of the engine you need. Motorcycles with engines of 600cc capacity are too powerful. If you are experienced riders then you can go for motorcycles that provide high speeds and tight maneuverability. Sharpen your confidence and bike riding classes by taking motorcycle lessons from a training institute that provides driving lessons.

3. Plan your budget
Prior to buying a new motorcycle you need to plan your budget. A new motorbike can cost you between $4000-$25,000. You can negotiate on the price. When you plan a budget for buying a new motorcycle, you have to include the cost of insurance and accessories like a helmet, jacket, glasses etc.

4. Choosing between new and second hand cars
Like cars, motorcycles too lose value, as they become old, so used motorcycles will cost you less than brand new ones. If you are buying for first time or you are on a budget then it is better to buy a used motorcycle in good condition. Whereas the new motorcycles has better features and guarantee

5. Try potential motorcycles
Before you choose one motorcycle, go to a showroom, climb on the several bikes and experience them. They come in different shapes and sizes, buy one which matches your size and fulfills your needs. When you check the motorcycles in the showroom, check to see if both your feet are touching the ground when you sit upright on the bike. Check your posture when riding the motorcycle, whether you are sitting too close or too reclined in an awkward manner, whether you are sitting high or low. It is important that you are comfortable while you are driving, so that you can handle the motorcycle well.

6. Go for a test drive
Once you have chosen a bike of your choice, it is time to check how it feels when you ride the motorcycle . Go for a test drive. The controls like brakes, accelerator and turnings should all be natural, if you have issues with these controls, then check another bike as this is not the right one for you.

7. Get a motorcycle insurance
Motorcycles are important investments. So, make sure that you get your bike a good motorbike insurance to protect it from damages.